Sunday, September 2, 2012

Teaching Myself Knitting

Okay, I know this is my art blog but since I was writing a post I thought I would boast a little bit. For years I've wanted to learn to knit. I've crocheted for about 40 years and learned from my grandmother in the 60's when it was really popular, but she didn't knit. Now everyone is knitting, and I wanted to learn. So, I bought a tutorial (Knit Lab) off Craftsy and watched it yesterday with needles and yarn in hand. I have to say my practice piece isn't pretty but I did learn. Although as I'm looking at it I realize I need to go back and watch more of the video to learn how to cast off. Am I comfortable with it? Nah. Will I be? You bet after about 40 years.

So what did I do in Art this week? Well I did work in my journal a bit and started a new jewelry design for a cabachon with a tutorial. I am happy with the journal art. The prompt was "Shine" based upon a song by Anna Nalick.  The artwork is inspired by Amanda Cass. I love how seemingly simplistic her paintings are but they have depth and meaning.

Here are the pendants. I wanted to write a tutorial for a cabachon setting that wasn't soldered. I know a lot of people that like to work with wire but are intimidated with the torch. I would love comments as I am still working through the design. I will publish the tut on my jewelry blog later this month.

Hopefully your week has been productive. I'll be linking this post over at Effy Wild's blog for her Swoon Sunday, so jump on over and check out the other artists.

Today will be a lazy day. I don't even have to cook dinner as my step daughter is fixing me a belated Birthday dinner tonight and surprise all the kids will be there..what fun. So, I'm off to play in my craft room...well that is after I have more coffee.