Thursday, August 23, 2012

Making Time

It's been a busy week and it seems it should be Friday already. Oh well, tomorrow will come soon enough. We have had the plumber here this week for 2 days replacing our old galvanized pipe with new PVC for our incoming water. Amazing what new pipes will do for your water pressure. We actually can use our sprayer kitchen facet. I just wanted to start spraying everything although I did end up with quite a bit on myself versus the dishes. Now to remember to not have it on full blast.

I did make time for playing in my studio yesterday and actually worked in my art journal and painted a painting.

This painting didn't start out as flowers but that's how it ended up and I really like it. The colors just pop and look so much better than the picture.

This is just one page of a two page spread but the other page is just my writing that is pretty boring.

Today was all about making small drawstring bags for the kids at Mary Bridge Children's Hospital and then I decided to make a new hand cream and lip balm. Both turned out fabulous and even DH thought the cream was good and he is greasy stuff for him.

This was the first time that I tried to make lip balm and I don't know how I could make it better. I added some Peppermint essential oil for just a little zing.  BTW, if you want the easy, see the bottom of this post. I ordered some of these lip balm tubes and filled them as directed but dang the oils cooled so fast I had to keep reheating it in the microwave in short bursts to get it to pour out evenly and not in clumps. I guess it didn't help that my mother was over and I was distracted and let it get too cool to start with. Duh.

I made this cream specifically for DH but I really like it and will probably put some in a jar for me to use on my face...I may even add some EO's for a little bit more added benefit. This is a completely unscented cream.

If you are interested in making your own face and body creams and lotions has some great recipes a forum and a blog.

As promised here is the lip balm recipe I used. It is important that you have a food type scale to weigh the ingredients. Measure all and put in a microwave safe (glass) measuring cup and microwave in short bursts until all the solids are melted.

Beeswax (grated) .4 ounces
Coconut oil .25 ounces
Avocado Butter .25 ounces
Castor Oil .2 ounces
Sweet Almond Oil .6 ounces
Illipe Butter .15 ounces
Kokum Butter .15 ounces

This filled 10 tubes and one little jar. You will need to let it cool a bit before adding any essential oils or pouring into the tubes. You could also use little tins or pots. I like the convenience of the tubes and I think for  gifts they will go over well.

Here is a link to a basic recipe that you can customize with what you have on hand. Most ingredients you can find at any heath food store such as the beeswax, coconut oil, sweet almond oil and the castor oil. For the more exotic butters you might have to order those on-line.

Have fun.


  1. Perhaps I should read these posts more often, then I would know why the things she makes me run out so fast. DH

  2. Loved your flowers painting, and your reciped are really interesting, I've only just started making my own smoothies though, so maybe should get used to that first:)

    Lynda (BOD)