Sunday, February 26, 2012

Art and So Much More

For the past week or so I've been working on my journal swap pages. The theme is flowers and in my first post I showed you some pen drawings... well those drawings do factor in to my journal pages but not entirely. They did however turn out great when I took them to the office supply store to be copied on watercolor paper. I've had so much fun painting the flowers and not having to draw them each time. Here is a peak at my work space.... I know, I really need to clean it off but I was too excited to get started. Believe me it looks worse now. LOL

I can't show you the pages of the journal as the organizer will be submitting one of the completed journals to the Cloth, Paper, Scissors magazine called "Pages". I'm crossing my fingers that our journal gets included.

I joined another mixed media group on Facebook called Mixed Media Misfits. What a great group of people. I immediately joined in two of their swaps. The first one was to make 3 row houses and thankfully, I already had some of these chipboard row houses from Red Lead that were just lying around so here I was able to use them.

I've added several more embellishments and glitter (because you can never how to much sparkle) since this photo was taken but I really like how they turned out.

My next project will be to work on another swap challenge only this time it is all about birds. More on that next time.

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