Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Little Fun with Sculpture

I've been wanting to play with some wire sculpture for awhile and since my forte is with trees I thought what better than to start there. So here is my first attempt at a wire fabric tree sculpture.

I threw a lot of ideas into this tree... some I liked and some I didn't so I had to make another one that was a bit more focused.

I think having a theme works when planning this type of sculpture. I really didn't have a direction until I added the old photos and then it brought all the other things into focus. 

The way I made these was fairly similar to my standard gem tree sculpture only no gemstones and I added strips of fabric as I twisted the wires into shape. The basic tree is fairly straight forward and fast to make, it's the embellishments that take some time as there is some hand sewing of lace and buttons, twisting more wire around the limbs, making the wire flower and pictures framed and then at the end I added all the dangling crystals. For this tree, I used cream fabric that I tea stained after it was in the shape of the tree. I wasn't as happy with the staining towards the end so I added some distress ink to darken it up in places.

I keep thinking it needs just something extra but I'll look at it for awhile and let it sink in and if it is still calling to me maybe it will tell me what it wants.

I have no idea what to call these trees other than a fabric tree sculpture, so if you have any good ideas about what to call this type of sculpture, let me know.


  1. I would think if there were pictures of family, then maybe a fabric family tree... I like the the one with the picture frames

  2. Oh Dana, fantastic as usual! You do such awesome wirework! Maybe a few wire leaves, or wire-stemmed silk leaves like the kind you get in the bridal section, would add the something extra you want. But I don't think it needs anything!

  3. Ooooooh, Dana - I LOVE these! And truth be told - the first one is my favorite, with all of the lovely different colors and bits and bobs going on. Well done, my friend!

  4. Really neat! I adore the nest and all your vintage photos!

  5. Really nice! I like the family tree idea.

  6. Wonderful! This idea really inspires me to try something like this!