Saturday, February 11, 2012

Woo Hoo an Art Blog

Okay, so I just had to do it. Start another blog... right like I needed another one. This will be all about my explorations into the world of art and creativity.

For those of you new to me and my blogging, I currently make and sell jewelry and gem trees as well as I am the author of Gem Tree Sculptures. I don't sell my art which is watercolor and acrylic painting (yet), although you could lump my jewelry and gem trees into the category of art. Hubby and I just started last year taking photographs and that has been a blast. I get so many good ideas for my paintings from the photos as well as the beauty of the photos themselves.

For Christmas last year, DH and I made on Blurb a photo book journal for our friends and family. It was the perfect place to highlight some of our photographs of our travels and provide a book as a gift that they could then use to jot down all kinds of things. I may have to try that again this coming year only with some of my paintings and drawings. Might be kind of fun to do one each year. Maybe then the relatives would get the hint that they are supposed to use the books and not just look at the few pictures in it. LOL.

If you are curious about my book, Gem Tree Sculptures, you can find it on or you can see it on my ArtFire studio over on the right hand column. It was a lot of fun writing the book and I have several other tutorials for jewelry on my jewelry blog Dana's Jewelry Design so you can check that out if you are interested. More gem tree tutorials will be available soon as a downloadable .pdf, so keep an eye out and I would love to have you follow me.

I'll leave you with some Springy photos we took at the Conservatory at Wright's Park last year. On an overcast day like today we all need a little sunshine.

Join me in my adventures with Basically ART.

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