Tuesday, April 17, 2012


I've been meaning to post for a couple of days now but just couldn't seem to get to the point. I've been finding lots of inspiration from an on-line class I'm taking with Effy Wild called Book of Days (BOD). I really am trying to be more free in my painting... if you know me, you know that my background is watercolor and very structured. On Effy's last live stream she painted a girl that was symbolic to the BOD group. Now I'm am horrible at faces but I do plan to practice daily my sketches.

Here is my first one, using Effy's inspiration that I feel confident enough to share.

Effy's class tends to bring out more feelings and emotion than other's I have taken. There is a lot of acrylic paint, some collage, stenciling and I used a black waterproof Pitt pen for drawing the face.

Here is one other small girl that I will probably use as a tip in.

A lot of these paintings I'm doing on watercolor paper and will bind them into a journal when I'm finished along with some extra pages for some writing.

If you want to check out Effy's class here is the link.  http://bookofdays.org/ It's a year long project so you can join anytime. There is a free version and a premium (pay) version. I decided on the free one since I had already taken several classes this year already on-line.

I find I am still struggling to find my voice in ART but the more I do the better and easier it will become.

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