Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Sticky Stuff

I'm having his love affair with tape. Did you know that you can get tape in all kinds of patterns and colors now? Since I've been working on my art journals I've been looking and finding so many that I love. Here are  a few of my favorites. I've got some Duck brand tape (love the black and white), Smash tape and some Tim Holtz Tissue tape. I don't think I'll ever go back to regular scotch tape again unless I have to wrap a package and why not use one of these colorful ones?

Speaking of art journals, I finished another one this morning. This one will be a gift.... not telling who for. I did outside binding and added velvet tabs. It looks pretty good but I really need to get better at the sewing part. I can't wait until my order from Dick Blick arrives with my screw punch... I think that will make a big difference.

This was an old hymnal, as you can see, and I salvaged some of the hymn pages and glued them in the book. I figure they could use it as a daily devotional book, take notes at bible study or just use as a regular journal. I'll take pictures of the finished product and post them later.

Here is the kids book journal that I showed you in processing on Sunday and now it is finished. I saved the spine and reinforced it then added the material on the outside. 

My newest one (started working on this afternoon) is also an old children's book with the spine in great shape so it will have a similar feel to this one. I think I'm addicted to making these things. I find it is very relaxing cutting out the paper and folding it to just the right size. The only frustrating part is the sewing and I think that will get better the more I make.

If you are interested in learning all these book binding techniques, I highly recommend Mary Ann Moss's on-line class "Full Tilt Boogie" which is where I learned all this fun stuff. She also has another one called "Remains of the Day" which I'll be starting soon. Sale going on now until May 1st.... so take advantage.

As DH and I were out shopping yesterday at Office Max... don't you just love office supplies, I found these great little tags. I think I'll be able to alter them and add them to some of my journal pages. So cool.

You can see they are quite a bit smaller than the craft ones by Ranger. I can't wait to get started so off I go.

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