Sunday, April 1, 2012

Ripping Things Apart

I don't usually like to destroy things but I think I may be getting into the ripping old books apart mode. I hit the thrift store and an antique store the past couple of days to search out old books that could be turned into journals. The one I took apart yesterday is an old children's book (I like the size) that I found for $1.00 on sale at the antique store. What a deal. I'm still pondering on whether I will keep the spine or cut it out.

As you can see it is kind of ratty looking but I kind of like that look. I do have to say my desk looks terrible in this picture with all my junk spread out in front of me but no matter how much I clean it up, after about 10 minutes of working it looks like this again.

Here are a few more of my book finds.

I think all of these will make fun journals.

This is another journal I finished using some old hard cardboard as the front and back that I covered in scrapbook paper.

I really enjoyed my on-line class by Mary Ann Moss, Full Tilt Boogie. She has some great videos and shows how she plays in her journals.

My goal today is to get all my signatures together for my new little book and then maybe I'll play with my new Distress Markers..... Can't wait to try these out on some watercolor paper.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

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  1. What adorable books, Dana! I feel the book making arts calling me too... : )